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Gracie Pictures:

The first week

The second week

Day 7

The Little Princess

I crinkle my forehead a lot

Grandpa Muth with Veronica outside

Day 6


Good Morning Sunshine!!

I like looking outside

Grandma Muth with Veronica inside

The “New” Great Thinker

Wow, check out the lats on this chick

My Dad has no idea how to put these clothes on

Thanks neighbor Bob for the really kewl shoes!

Check out my new threads!

Day 5

Ray’s Mom with Veronica

Veronica snoozes beside Tony and Rick’s very scary bear. 

I think this hair would look good spiked

Here I go again in that carseat

Time to get in the stupid carseat

Ray, Veronica and The scary bear

Veronica in front of her favorite,
kewlest, most awesome blanket!!!

SuperMom with her little bundle of joy

Veronica doing her Mom impression

Day 4

Veronica doing her Dad impression

Dad is now wrapped around my finger

Baby of the year

1st Thor meets Veronica

Then Isis

Then Zeus

I passed the smell test with the dogs

Day 3

Time to go home Verionica

Put her in the carseat

A visit to Great Gram Ritchey

Great Gram just defeated lymphoma!
She attributes it to her faith in God.

We’re going for a walk

This father thing is 2 kewl!

What a smile Dakota!!!

That’s a raindrop Veronica

Dana’s sister Robin along with her two kids Rivers at left and Dakota.

Robin with her hands full

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