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Veronica Pictures:

Great Birth Pictures

First Week

One Week Old

Two Weeks Old

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Nine Weeks Old

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Gracie Pictures:

The first week

The second week

Amazing Grace!!!   Wow!!!

I became a very cute little girl.

Ive grown up all of a sudden.

I say a lot but no one understands.

Were good friends now.

Im filling the birdfeeder now.

Howdy Partners.

Why are we sitting on this rock?

Whoa, an action shot of a bear scare

Yay for warmer temperatures.

Obligatory picture with Dadddy.

Ok, now we are sitting on a bench.

This bench is a perfect size Gracie.

What is this thing were on?

Beaty Queen with daughters.

Gracie is funny.

Look at me climb the monkey bars.

I love the swings!!!

Daddy with Gracie in the sun.

Come back and see us again!

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