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14 months & 6 Weeks

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Veronica Pictures:

Great Birth Pictures

First Week

One Week Old

Two Weeks Old

Three Weeks Old

Four Weeks Old

Five Weeks Old

Six Weeks Old

Seven Weeks Old

Eight Weeks Old


Nine Weeks Old

Ten Weeks Old

Eleven Weeks Old

Twelve Weeks Old

Thirteen Weeks Old

Fourteen Weeks Old

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Eight Months Old

Nine Months Old

Ten Months Old

Eleven Months Old

Almost 1

1 Year Old

13 Months Old

Odds & Ends

Gracie Pictures:

The first week

The second week

We decided to put both kids together moving forward. Veronica is 14 months and Gracie is 3 weeks in these pictures.

Charlieís Angels!

Mommy has her hands full.

What is that Veronica?

This is how we touch Gracieís nose.

Everyone whistle like a bird!

Which of us needs a lot more sleep?

Veronica is kissing Gracieís head.

And this is how we pull off her nose.

Nice Eddie Munster -do Dad.

I think itís time to thaw out Gracie.

Sleep is our friend. Sleep is our friend.

Hey, letís play ball!

This ball will not defeat me.

I like to make my Dad chase the balls.

Iím starting to smile a little bit.

Iím starting to understand all this.

Donít talk too loud. Corn has ears.

My Daddy is corny.

Did anyone notice my hair went blond.

It looks like cornsilk.

Whoa... long, long arms.

I like this little yellow thing.

Iím starting to say big words now.

Sunflowers, Gracie and Daddy.

Dad isnít so bad when heís awake.

Guess whoís coming to breakfast?

Hey, this doesnít look like corn flakes!

Ok, this could be fun afterall.

Gracie doesnít really need these socks.

I look good in the morning sun.

My Dad still isnít hysterical yet.

I like to smell flowers!

I climb on the lawn tractor by myself.

Yahoooooo!!! See ya next week!

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