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The first week

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Yahoo! Steeler training camp started.

Iím proud of them there Stillers!

They better make the playoffs.

Maybe I can go to a game this year.

Check out this forearm

Donít look at me the wrong way pal!

Iím going to be a handful

Iím getting to be a big girl

Mom, bottle, & baby

Iím looking over your shoulder Mom.

Dad, bottle & baby.

Ah, this looks like a nice safe place...

Dad gritting his teeth.

Iím feeling groovy...

Why are you holding me like a cat?

Iím getting pretty mellow in my old age 

I canít wait for those teeth to come.

I know how to win with my parents.

Please donít drop me. 

Since Iím right, you must be wrong.

Did I say they call me ďsweet pickleĒ?

Iím having a good day again.


I think Iíll have sausages 4 breakfast.

Indoors is boring for me. 

Woohoo... Something orange...

Veronica working her magic on Dad.

Twinkle, twinkle, Veronica is a star.

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