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Howdy partner, Iím going for a ride.

Iím going for a ride on my horsey!

I am getting pretty clever but...

My Dad is an expert in baby psychology.

In order to understand babies....

You must think like a baby. 

My Dad is hysterical!

Do Tarzan and Cheetah again Dad!

Right now I have blue-green eyes. 

And I have an incredible grip.

I might be a lefty. 

I can really throw it.

My Mom is a superstar supermodel.

And she tries to be #1 in sports.

Who wants a useless sock?

Why do I need socks?

I like to dance with this thing.

Thereís my horse.  I wanna ride.


I can say ba-ba but not ball - yet.

YAY! A bath!!!

I like my hair with lot of shampoo!

Well itís time for me to take a swim.  See ya next month.

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