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Gracie Pictures:

The first week

The second week

Sheís a Southpaw!!!

Iím trying to use that right hand.

Wow this is fun!

Iím starting to figure this thing out.

Morning has broken....

Iím the little Princess!

I get up with the roosters.

Who makes the sun come up?

This is a bright, extraordinary day!

This is my face most of the time.

This is a different picture than #3.

Iím getting a little sleepy..

Thanks Chris & Mary Ellen for the chair!

Coordination training in progress.

That was a tough workout!

Whatís for breakfast?

Kisses in the park..

Milk & bubbles...

You donít say!


No wonder they call me ďSweet PickleĒ

Different picture than #10.

My Dadís jokes are hysterical.

Fun, fun, fun is the order of the day.

I canít do anything with my hair!

Tune in next week for more of me!

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