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Hey Iím 1 year old!!!  YAHOOO!!!

Itís a bird. Itís a plane. Itís Veronica!

Thanks Mimi for the jungle gym.

Who wants a fat lip?

I want to go up this way.

I clap my hands at the bottom. YAY!

Hey check out my paws!

My Dad is absolutely hysterical!

Sanctuary from adults. Yay!

Wow, this is a great day.

They stuck me by this purple thing.

I need to get my communicator.

I think something big is happening.

What the heck is this about?

Letís see. I wish my Dad was funnier.

Ok, this thing really has me curious.

How about I just put my finger in it.

Can we please do that again?

Oh I see.  I eat this thing. Nice.

Hmmm... whatís this about?

All right! This is what Iím talking about.

Cool stuff in there I think.

Yay. Itís blocks, blocks & blocks.

I canít wait for my sister Gabriela.

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